lil update

clean slate is in order.

some more victims are to be expected.

and the biggest promise is about to be broken.

and no, this is not a call for help. i have foreseen this.

this post is simply to remind others that i know.


"Worry not, do I look like a man who cannot fight his own battle?"

But what if the fight is the one that can be simply evaded without changing our lane, o dear knight?

...or, what if just by admitting the fight, you've made sure that the only one who would get the less harm was you and only you? Even less than those spectators you're hearing right now?

Are those worth your simple pride of handling your own fight?



life is just a bunch of interlocking scenes woven into single timeline. 

the thing is, not many gets the idea of the stream of causality. a person did something because of how that person thinks and expect the universe acts upon the said activity. and i, more or less, kinda get the idea of how and why people do anything, once i've met the person. but since my ability to interact with others is still poorly evolving, most of the times i can only sit back and seeing the impact of any actions done by any person. 

being an observer, a gift, or a curse?