Here's the thing (or two (...or more))

I have no idea why on earth would I feel okay flooding your ears with my stories.

I have no idea how can I still care this much for you (even, for me, implicitly, you said I don't).

I have no idea when did this start nor when will this ends.

I have no idea what length would I walk this path, for what ends.

And I have no idea why I don't even expect any of those questions to be answered.

Communication is one hell of a work. Even when you think you already so clear-cut on explaining yourself, there's no  assurance that the other person perceived the explanation the same way you think. And also, there's another possibility that the said person gets what you mean but has low ability to show it to you so you think that they don't get it.


tickity tock, the clock is ticking

I like you.
Still do.
Til when?
God knows.
Unlike before,
I'll just wait.
Faithfully here.