staying put

tend to be the worst nightmare when life's too good to be true

with an abundant of tasks waiting to be finished, div's mind keeps wandering aimlessly to anywhere but there.

Then those words popped.

div's ability to ruin things when they start to run smoothly.
div is a planner. when the said plan is ready to be started, that means div's time there is over.
if there seems like no possible way out, div will instinctively do whatever it takes to get out of it.
div and stability don't belong in a same phrase.
div's way to get some comfort shifts erratically.
up til now the only person who could keep up is herself.
because long, long time ago, a little shift in her world means moving to places she didn't plan to.
so it's better for her to make her life planned to be unstable by herself.

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