as long as you are comfortable

Comfort is not a feeling that you can get only from a single conditions.

For me, I can tell you some.

Binge-reading. Be it novels, comics, or even classes' textbooks.
Listening without any needs to react.
Goofing off.
Cook, bake, boil, broil food. To be eaten God-knows-when.
Random strolling.
Random scrolling.
Random rambling.
Bullying buddies.
Laying around without doing anything. (gogoleran iya gogoleran)
And maybe,


Normal life, they said


A simple single word.

A normal life, depends on whose standard?
Obviously not mine.

A normal family?
Not mine either.

A normal mind?
Don't think so.

Weirdly rambling, currently I just want to know how does it feel to be normal like others.


Another flashback

As a girl who mainly rely on logics, use it.
What would they think and feel if you do that?

Will you accept your behavior if it's done by your own daughter later on?