Hai kamu

There's never been a day goes by without me feeling blessed to have you.

You tolerate my sudden moodfalls, your presence brings smile and comfort to me.

Yah, biasa, mendadak kepikir aja. While seeing your sleeping face di sofa kosan. Sempetsempetnya ngupil pula pas tidur gini, pffft. By the way, coba itu belt cepet ganti sih melorot mulu pas tiduran kasian ntar masuk angin, kalo ndut lagi ga bawa jaket gimana nyelimutinnya coba?

But hey, until now i never even once get tired to see your face, the one yang bakal diliatin tiap hari, seenggaknya at the beginning and the end of the day. Entah dengan posisi garuk perut, kentut atau sendawa sembarangan, or my fav one, pas lagi serius nyetir.

I love watching all your expressions, all your moves, listening to your voice, sniffing your scent.

Safely to say, i think i love all of you.
(Uhm, maybe the scratching and farting, not so much.)

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