Today is february the eighth. In a few hours it'll be half past three.

That time, two months ago.
Baru dua bulan ya? Mau bilang udah dua bulan, tapi jalan kita masih panjang, pinginnya, hehe.

Mau berisik sms, tapi hpnya lagi dicharge kan? Which means it will feel like as if i'm texting sama tembok. Apa bedanya sama ngetik disini? Gatau, mendadak pengen aja ngeblog.

I am blessed. To know you. To have you. To adore you.

Am writing this as a kind of attempt to make me fall asleep. Asa ada yang kurang jadi gabisa tidur. Iyah, kurang ngebikinin kopi item sama being hugged, with the giant who can kissed my forehead tanpa jinjit.

It's only been two months, but i am already addicted with your nearness.

Hai kamu, thank you for waiting for me even when i was completely unaware :)

(The moment i published this, the boy texted. Mari kita pindah ke sms aja~)

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