an attempt

i'm not a huge fan of changes. hell, i kinda hate them.

i prefer staying with sutei's salmons, coldstone's dark choco, and sbux' caramel macchiato than tryin out new stuffs. i don't even know where to eat or what place to go around bandung, bahkan di kota kelahiran gue sendiri gue cuma tau mall, itu juga mentok sampe Senci, sisanya buta pisan.

i don't like things changing, even i don't like the fact that my jeans is more loose than usual. but this year is my fourth being at this campus. and few years after i post this, i know lots of changes are going to happen.
i don't know what tomorrow brings, i always try to look nyeh-whatever, while my insides scream just stay at your room and don't leave your bed goddammit.

my point of this post? zilch. cuma lagi pengen ngetik tanpa tau apa yang bakal keluar dari jari-jari ajaib ini. dan ternyata hasilnya emang ajaib.

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